A Bombed Youth
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April 7th:
I have written a new song.  "High School McArthyism 101".  ahve fun with that.  and also, check out my friend Nikki's band.  They're spactacular and I'm sure lots of fun too.  Put em' on your favorites and even check out they're next show.  It'll give u something to do on those lonely saturday nights. http://deadgoldfish0.tripod.com/ltf/ definately go there.
March 29th:
I made 3 new songs. Trendy Pun"x", Infamy, and Troubled. All are fantastic but Troubled doesn't sound good without the music to it.  it progressively gets faster as the song story goes on.  I also took off the art page because the computer that has a scanner on it, its A drive isnt working.  meaning i cant save it and move it to this computer.  so i cant put any new ones on.  so it seems like im lazy and just dont make new collages, but i do.  i just cant show u fellahs. 
March 15th:
Bad Religion - Recipe for Hate
Lower Class Brats - Rather be Hated Than Ignored
March 11th:
Clash - the Clash (UK Version)
Clash - Combat Rock
Ramones - Rocket to Russia
March 9th:
Aus Rotten - The Rotten Agenda
DI - What Good is Grief to a God
March 8th:
FYP - Finish Your Popcorn
FYP - Toilet Kids Bread
March 7th:
Toy Dolls - Idle Gossip
March 6th:
I wrote a new song called 'No War In America'.  I believe it's one of the best I've written yet.  yes it is about the same old same old, but this one i believe has a little thwang to it.  and i put guitar to it and it songs soo soo soo good.  im thinking of performing it.  enjoy!
March 5th:
Bouncing Souls - the good the bad and the argyle
Varukers - Bloodsuckers
March 4th:
Flogging Molly - Swagger